How to remove “Home” in Windows 11 settings

Windows 11 adds a new Home page feature when opening Settings, which contains a list of recommended settings that the user accesses frequently. This can be useful for quickly opening recent settings and devices you use frequently, but for some users it may not be convenient or necessary.

In this instruction, we will look at how to remove the “Home” home page option, where frequently used settings are located, when opening the settings of Windows 11 edition Home, Pro and higher.

How to Hide Home in Windows 11 Settings

Press Win+R and type regedit to open Registry Editor. In the registry, go to:


  • Right-click on the empty field with the right mouse button
  • Select NewString Parameter
  • Name the new setting SettingsPageVisibility
  • Double-click SettingsPageVisibility
  • Set the field to hide:homeand click OK
  • Restart your PC

❗If you need to return the ” Home ” parameter back, then delete the parameter created above.

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