How to make an easy water elevator in Minecraft

Full of possibilities, with more and more options to discover. Minecraft is like a book that never stops growing, and its physics and element simulation system can be used very favorably. Did you know that it is possible to make elevators in the game? Probably yes, but it’s also very likely that you didn’t even know that they could be made using only water .

How to make water elevators is something that we are going to explain to you here, as part of our gigantic Minecraft guide . We want you to be the best player of Mojang Studios’ work . Therefore, pay attention not only to what we are going to explain to you below, but also to everything we have to tell you in the guide that you have available on our website.

How do I make a water elevator easily in Minecraft?

Since Minecraft introduced a system with better behavior and simulation for water , making elevators has become much easier. It is true that you can make all kinds of structures with glass and taking advantage of the fact that you can now move more easily through the water. However, for difficult times and if you want a simple solution, what we are going to offer you here is the easiest trick to make a water lift.

What we are going to explain to you is the waterfall method . A very simple trick , but at the same time very practical. Thanks to it, you can go up and down anywhere without complications, no matter how high there is. Although, yes, you will need to have previously reached the top. Additionally, you may also be interested in taking a look at our guide on creating an infinite water fountain. For these types of cases, it will be good for you to know how to do that.

waterfall method

The waterfall method is just what you imagine . You need to place a water source at the top of the place you want to reach , or from which you want to go down, taking into account that it is very important that the flow always be one block wide . In addition to that, calculate the place you will reach when you completely go down the area you want to ascend or descend, and make a hole about a block in size so that the water accumulates in it and does not disperse when you fall.

When you have your particular waterfall made, you can go down it by jumping, or even go up if you swim up . It’s that simple, although you have to take oxygen into account, since the character can drown. With a little care, you can move enough so that your head sticks out and you can breathe without getting out of the water , allowing you to go up or down without fear of suffocation. Also, if you are someone who is quite fast and want to continue having the water fountain after going down the place that interests you, you can quickly pick it up with the bucket and launch yourself down the waterfall . It takes a while to disappear, and it does so gradually, so it will give you time to go down without fear.

A very simple trick that can help you go down great heights without fear of damage from falling , but it will also help you get back up if you have already explored those depths that interested you so much. You just need a bucket with water and a rim to drop it on . That easy!

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