What does the double arrow icon that appears in WhatsApp mean and what is it for?

double arrow icon that appears in WhatsApp mean

WhatsApp usually shows an icon of two arrows within individual chats and groups. This is a very useful shortcut

Not only is our phone full of icons and symbols, like that mysterious letter “N” or the green dot that we sometimes see on the screen , but applications like WhatsApp also show different symbols that represent different actions.

Recently it is very likely that you have seen an icon in the shape of two arrows in your chats . This icon seems to be everywhere, and for good reason: it is a function related to sending messages, although it is actually only present on some elements.

More than just an icon, the double arrow button is a very useful shortcut

The icon with the two arrows enclosed in a circle does not appear next to normal text messages, but rather next to files, links and other types of messages that we send in an individual chat, or in a group.

It is a shortcut that allows us to forward some elements much more quickly , and it works like this: if you have sent a sticker, a photo, a link, a file or a contact, the two arrows icon will appear next to this message , and by pressing it we can quickly forward this item to another contact, or to another group.

The idea is clear: simplify the process of forwarding one of these elements.

In the previous images we can see a clear example of its usefulness. In the left screenshot there is the icon next to the photos, if we press it we can quickly forward them. Instead, in the screenshot on the right, we see the previous, slower method of sharing the image: we press and hold on the image or file and select forward (the same two arrows icon) from the menu that appears on the right. top of the screen.

The icon appears both in the messages we send and in many of those we receive , as long as we download it to our mobile; For example, you cannot forward a photo that we receive but have not downloaded if we have disabled the automatic download option for multimedia files.

However, as we already mentioned, this icon does not appear next to text messages . To forward them we will have to hold down on it and then select the icon in the top menu.

Finally, if you notice that a sent item does not have the double arrow button next to it but rather a magnifying glass, it is because this message has been ” Forwarded many times “, as indicated by it. This magnifying glass, if you’ve been wondering, allows you to search for the text of the message on Google.

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