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“Disappointed! I have seen plagiarized text, irregular sentences and many other flaws in its content.”

Are you tired of hearing this from your clients? If yes, then you are in the right place. Many possibilities can lead you to disappoint your client, for example, deadline pressure, multiple pending tasks, and many more.

Fortunately, we now have many tools that can help us manage our time and tasks. The AI-powered rewrite tool is one of them. As a writer, I have used many rewriters, but some were just a waste of time and others were out of my budget.

Then, I came across and found it relatively good and very useful, so I decided to give an honest review of this tool and help my fellow writers save time searching for a text rewriter.

Let’s take a look at why I’m prioritizing this tool over others.

Welcome to is a freemium text rewriter that helps writers make their blogs, social media posts, and product descriptions more engaging and plagiarism-free.

This tool is not limited to rewriting some types of content! You can rephrase any content using

It is not wrong to say that this rewriter tool is enriched with many features that make it stand out from the crowd. I have personally been using it for the last 6 months and have completed 46 projects with the help of this tool.

So, it means that this tool must possess some good features! Let’s take a look at them.

The features that impressed me!

As I mentioned earlier, this tool is enriched with many features but some of them are simply amazing as they save time and effort.

Hey! Still here? Look below, all of them are mentioned below:

Notable Character Limit

You may have noticed something earlier in this guide, I mentioned that some tools were out of my budget. You know why?

Those tools have some character limits and when I tried to increase the character limit, they charged me a lot.

But in the case of, you can rephrase 20,000 characters at a time, whether you are a free user or a premium subscriber. Therefore, you don’t need to divide your content into parts and then rephrase it.

Simply enter the text and paraphrases in one go.

08 Paraphrasing modes

Each mode works differently and you will get different paraphrased text using each mode. In simple words, each mode is developed for a particular reason.

Among these 08 different modes, four are free, but to use the remaining four, you have to subscribe to the premium version, which may be a bit difficult to digest for some people. But I assure you that the free modes are also more than enough to achieve precision and engagement with your content.

Now, it’s time to take a look at each mode.


Is your content caught by a plagiarism detector in charge of plagiarism? Don’t worry, just select this mode, enter your text and get the unique paraphrased content.

This sounds like I was hired for your promotion! But that is not correct friend, I am here to explain everything with proof. So, let’s rephrase a plagiarized paragraph.

Now, it’s time to check this paraphrased paragraph for plagiarism. It will be made clear to you whether this tool removes plagiarism or not.

This rephrasing mode removes all traces of plagiarism and makes the paragraph unique, so if you are tired of dealing with plagiarism, use this mode.


This mode gives a basic paraphrase to your content, this will not rewrite much content but still, gives your content a new look.

You can use this mode when you just need to add engaging vocabulary to the content. Let’s see this with the help of an example.

You can see how little this tool changed your content, so if you’re willing to paraphrase a little, go this way.


This mode is a mix of half original content and half creative touch. You can give a reasonable creative touch using this mode.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay creative with the pressure of deadlines, but don’t worry, this mode is just for you. Let’s try this mode.

Take a look at how beautifully this mode added a creative touch to pasted text. If your preference is creativity with originality, this modality may be a good option.


Sometimes the result that paraphrasing gives is not what we expected, so this mode gives us multiple sentences paraphrased against one sentence.

Simply enter the text, select the line and this tool will generate multiple paraphrased sentences. You can select any of them.


This AI-powered mode always helps me impress my clients because this mode adds a meaningful touch to the content. This creativity always surprises my readers.

Like me, you can also impress your readers just with the help of this unique mode.


This mode significantly restructures the original text, using advanced synonyms and sentence transformations for highly altered output. It often produces drastic and unique results, but can sometimes sacrifice clarity or fidelity.

Remove plagiarism

Specifically designed to change wording and phrasing without altering the original meaning, this mode ensures that the resulting text is unique and distinct to avoid plagiarism and preserve core ideas.


This mode maintains the formal tone and terminology appropriate for academic papers, subtly changing wording and sentence structure while maintaining the rigorous standards of academic discourse and preserving critical details.

Multiple charging options

This versatile feature of our paraphrasing tool allows users to upload content in two convenient ways. You can directly copy and paste the text into the tool, or you can upload a file directly from your device.

This flexibility ensures a seamless, easy-to-use experience tailored to your needs.

Multilingual reformulation allows us to reformulate in several languages ​​and is not limited only to Spanish or English. Nine different languages ​​are supported with this paraphrasing tool.

Supported languages ​​are:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Catalan
  • tagalog
  • Portuguese

Now, you don’t need to use any translator before paraphrasing, just enter your text and enjoy rephrasing your content with ease.

These are the features that impressed me a lot, but you must be thinking why I haven’t shown how this tool works! Don’t worry and take a look below.

How to use this paraphrasing tool?

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Enter your text or upload a file from your device.
  • Select the required mode of paraphrasing.
  • Hit the ” Paraphrased Text” button.


In conclusion, AI-powered has proven to be an invaluable tool for writers in 2023. Its advanced features, including multiple paraphrasing modes and versatile upload options, significantly improve the writing process.

This tool can rephrase text to match various styles and requirements, whether extreme rephrasing, plagiarism removal, or academic rewriting, promoting creativity, originality, and productivity.

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