You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation on Windows

When formatting a USB flash drive, disk, moving or renaming some files, you may encounter an error in Windows 11/10 that “You do not have enough rights to perform this operation .”

Insufficient rights error when formatting a disk or USB drive in Windows 11/10 can occur because the access rights are not configured correctly, even when the account is an administrator.

This instruction tells you what to do when the error “ You do not have enough rights to perform this operation ” occurs in Windows 11/10.

1. Activate the hidden admin account

Launch Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the command below:

  • net user администратор /active:yes

To disable the hidden administrator account, enter net user administrator /active: no

  • Next, log out of Windows 11/10
  • Login with a new account
  • Check permissions error

2. Run a disk check

Bad sectors on the disk can cause an error when you do not have enough rights to perform this operation when formatting, copying or renaming the disk and files. Run Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the command below to repair bad sectors on your disk :

  • chkdsk c: /f /r /x
  • Press Yif asked and restart your PC
  • Wait until the PC itself boots to the desktop

3. Use Disk Management

If the error “Insufficient rights to perform this operation” occurs when formatting a disk or USB flash drive, then:

  • Press the Win+Xkey combination and select Disk Management
  • Right-click on the flash drive or disk that is giving the error
  • Select Format
  • Select NTFS for the disk or FAT32 for the flash drive
  • Formatting type ” Quick

4. Checking access rights

Check the account permissions to access the disk, where denying permissions may be causing the “Insufficient rights to perform this operation” error in Windows 11/10 when formatting the Disk and USB flash drive.

  • Right-click on the USB drive or Disk that is throwing the error and select Properties
  • Go to the Securitytab and click on Advanced
  • Click on Editand enter your account name, then click to the right Check name
  • Click Applyand OK
  • Next, right-click on the disk again and select Properties
  • Highlight your account and below Edit
  • Check all the boxes in the Allow column

5. Format via CMD

In this way, all data will be erased from the disk. Let’s format the disk using CMD, which will help bypass the access rights error for performing this operation. Run Command Prompt as Administrator and enter below:

  • format G:

If the above command did not help, then:

  • diskpart- launch the tool
  • list disk- list of disks connected to the computer
  • select disk 1- selecting the disk that gives the error
  • clean- disk cleanup
  • create partition primary- make the disk the main one
  • format fs=ntfs quick- disk formatting

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