Why WinGet COM Server loads the processor and how to fix it

WinGet COM Server

In the task manager of Windows 11 and current versions of Windows 10, you can find the WinGet COM Server process. Some users complain that this process puts a high load on their computer’s CPU. The load is not constant, but can reach alarming values: from 15 to 65% on average. Read the article about what a process is, why it loads the processor and how to fix it.

Learn more about WinGet COM Server

WinGet COM Server is a component of the Windows package manager (WinGet), which, in turn, searches, installs, updates and configures software on computers running Windows 10 and Windows 11. WinGet is a system process and does not pose a threat to the user and his data. Periodically causes a load on the computer, but this is due to the fact that it performs the functions inherent in it.

How to reduce the load from the COM Server process?

The activity of the WinGet COM Server process itself should not interfere with the normal operation of Windows. However, users with not the most powerful PCs may suffer from high PC load from this process. You can try to reduce the latter in two ways.

Method No. 1 Update WinGet

Even though WinGet is already built into Windows, you can still update it through the Microsoft Store. Some users claim that after updating the utility manually, the CPU load decreases.

  1. Press WIS+S to call the system search engine.
  2. Enter the query “Microsoft Store” and select the result found.
  3. In the store window, go to the “Library” tab.
  4. Select “Application Installer” from the list and click on the “Update” button.

As an alternative, WinGet can be downloaded from the official GitHub repository and you can update the utility yourself.

Method #2 Disable unnecessary repositories from WinGet

WinGet can use various repositories to download and install applications on your computer. By default, the utility uses the Microsoft Store repository, but you can add links to additional repositories. The latter causes a slight, but quite noticeable load on the CPU, especially on weak PCs.

  1. Press WIN+R to open the “Run” window.
  2. Write “cmd” in the empty line and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  3. Paste the command “winget source list” into the console and press ENTER.
  4. Identify an unnecessary repository.
  5. Enter the command winget source disable <NAME> and press ENTER.
  6. Restart your PC.

Once you log in, WinGet COM Server will stop using your computer’s CPU.

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