Who is the creator of Minecraft

Who is the creator of minecraft?

Minecraft is a world-famous game and people play this game with keen interest due to its unique and best features. Minecraft is a video game which is developed by the Swedish Video Game developer Mojang Studio. So you will learn here Who is the creator of Minecraft.

Who is the Creator of minecraft

Minecraft is a unique game which gives players a good environment to play and best elements to play games. It attracts people with its best features and unique ideas.

Minecraft is created by Markus Alexej Persson.  He is a Swedish video game programmer and designers. He was born on 1 June, 1979. He is also known as “Notch”. He is famouse for developing an incredible video game “Minecraft”.

He is also the founder of Video Game Company Mojang and he established this company in 2009. His principle creation for Mojang is Minecraft which gets popularity in these days. He won multiple awards after creating Minecraft and people like and appreciates this game.

He trained himself as the lead designer of minecraft until the official launch of the game Minecraft in 2011. He had continuously worked on minecraft and he left Mojang in November 2014. He is a brilliant man and developed unique video game minecraft with incredible features.

Who is the creator of minecraft
Who is the creator of minecraft

Biography of the creator of Minecraft

Persson was come in this world on 1 June, 1979. He was born in Sweden by a Finnish Mother and a Swedish father. He was born in the city Stockholm in Sweden. He led first seven years of his early life in Edsbyn and after that his family moved back to the Stockholm.

He started programming at the age of seven in his father computer home “Commodore 128”. He practiced as a programmer and developed his first game “Text-based adventure game” at the age of eight. He had started as game developer in a company “King” and he worked there as a professional programmer until 2009.

He worked programmer in another programing company “Jelbum”. He is the founder of “Wurm online” but he no longer worked at this. He had work on seven games but his master piece is “Minecraft” and his minecraft is well known and played widely as in almost all over the world.

So he gets popularity after making Minecraft and people appreciate and play minecraft and take interest in minecraft. He developed minecraft in 2004 and he worked as a programmer in many companies and minecraft is eth best game created by him.

Perssonal life of Persson

Persson was born in Sweden on 1st June of 1979 and he got his early education in Sweden. He married with Elin Zetterstrand in 2011 and he had a daughter. On 15th August 2012, he divorced his wife. He criticized piracy and had faced many controversies in his life.

He bought a home in December 2014 in Trousedale Estates for 70 million$.

Bests games by Persson

Persson developed many games in his life and worked as a programmer in many companies. He is well known for his incredible project Minecraft and this is the basic reason of his success as a programmer and developer.

The games created by him are mentioned bellow.

  • Minecraft
  • Caller’s Bane
  • Cliffhorse
  • 0x10c
  • Ludum Dare entries

He developed all the games mentioned above but his famouse game and his master piece is Minecraft. Minecraft is played widely in all over the world and many people like to play this game and this game is well known for its unique features and best way of playing.

This was made by unique quality ideas and Persson gets popularity due to this game and he is well known by this game. He was also known as Notch.

Awards and nominations of Persson

Persson worked very well as a programmer and developer. He worked for many companies and created many games in the field of programing. He served his occupation with hard work and unique ideas. He won many awards but these awards are due to minecraft only.

His game Minecraft was nominated as Best Debut game and he won Game Developer Choice Award in 2011. After that his game Minecraft is nominated as BAFTA special Award and he won BFTA award in 2012. It is not enough. After winning that award his game minecraft again nominated as Pioneer award and he won that award as a Game Developer Choice award in 2016.

All these awards were a proof of his hard work and the reason to won these awards are his unique ideas to create this game.

How old is Notch Now?

Persson the creator of minecraft is also known as Notch. Notch is the nickname of Persson and he is 42 years old now. He created minecraft and many other games but he is well known for minecraft mostly. People played this game and enjoy this game.

This game is a good contribution in the field of technology in games. He is a good programmer and developer and he proved himself by creating minecraft.

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