What word to type on the typewriter in Kona II: Brume

Guide where we teach you the word you have to type on the typewriter in Kona II: Brume.

As you delve into the deep mysteries of William Hamilton’s mansion in Kona II: Brume , you will face a variety of puzzles that will challenge your ingenuity and patience. One of these challenges involves finding the correct word to enter into Hamilton’s typewriter to unlock a secret passage inside his office. If you need help with this puzzle, feel free to consult this guide. Here, we will teach you the keyword you need to enter into the typewriter and how you can locate it, allowing you to continue your exciting detective adventure.

Guide to typing the correct word on the typewriter in Kona II: Brume

You’ve probably already tried entering a whole series of words on the typewriter, experimenting with some being longer than others, without finding the right one. But do not worry. In the context of the game, William Hamilton lives an adventure with one of the characters, a detail that has been mentioned or hinted at in various notes that you have had the opportunity to read or that have been revealed throughout the narrative.

This connection is key, and by paying attention to the nuances of the story, you will find the necessary clue that will lead you to the word you are looking for. Do not overlook the details that they tell you in Kona II: Brume, since they could contain the solution to solving other puzzles.

The word you must enter on the typewriter is “Cynthia,” a crucial character in William Hamilton’s life and someone with whom he shares significant moments. By typing this name, a secret passage will immediately be revealed, allowing you to advance your investigation and discover what mysteries are hidden in this enigmatic place.

Kona II: Brume is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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