What is lethal equipment in Call of Duty Mobile

Guide where we explain what lethal equipment is in Call of Duty Mobile.

In Call of Duty Mobile, each item in a player’s arsenal has a specific purpose, largely determining their success in combat. Within this arsenal, lethal equipment stands out for its ability to decide the outcome of a battle. Knowing and mastering these devices can mean the difference between victory and defeat in the game.

Detailed guide on lethal equipment in Call of Duty Mobile

Lethal loadout in games like Call of Duty Mobile generally refers to weapons or gadgets that a player can equip and use to directly deal damage or eliminate opponents. In the game, there are several types of lethal equipment that players can select and use in combat; fragmentation grenade, Molotov cocktails or mines among others.

Different types of lethal equipment and tips on their use

Fragmentation grenades are ideal for use when facing a group of enemies or in closed spaces to maximize damage. Anticipation is key with them. If you know where an opponent is heading, throw the grenade into their intended trajectory instead of their current position.

Molotov cocktails are another valuable tool. When thrown, they create an area of ​​fire that can block paths or control enemy movement. They are especially useful for diverting enemies into a trap or into your team’s line of fire.

C4 is a versatile explosive that can be detonated remotely. Adheres to surfaces and can be strategically placed at points of interest or traffic. Once enemies are close or in a vulnerable position, the player can detonate it to deal massive damage. Creative use of C4, such as leaving it in vehicles or supply respawn points, can result in surprise eliminations.

In the weapons section within the game, you can equip and use other types of lethal equipment such as: Sticky Grenade, Trap Mine, Cluster Grenade, Battle Axe, Thermite or Contact Grenade.

In short, mastering lethal equipment is not only about knowing its basic function, but also about applying strategies and tactics to maximize its effectiveness. Experiment with different teams in various situations, and you’ll soon find the perfect combination that suits your play style.

Call of Duty Mobile is available for iOS and Android.

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