What are secret chats on WhatsApp and how to use them

What are secret chats on WhatsApp; WhatsApp is the messenger that everyone has – just in case. You may not have Telegram, Viber or, God forgive me, VKontakte, but good old WhatsApp most likely will. Moreover, for the majority, it is the main messenger, which, although far from perfect, is stupidly widespread and the ability to contact almost anyone through it. Developers are aware of this, and therefore do not strive to develop their product as actively as Pavel Durov. It is all the more interesting to observe the innovations that appear on WhatsApp from time to time, because sometimes they turn out to be very useful.

Why do you need secret codes on WhatsApp?

Secret codes in WhatsApp are not just a beautiful set of words to attract attention, but a real-life feature that appeared in the messenger with the latest update . Moreover, it was not called that by journalists for the sake of clickbait headlines, but by the creators themselves, and they didn’t lie too much, because the innovation meets all the stated aspects. But first, not much background.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced private chats . They were designed to limit access to important correspondence. Thanks to them, even if someone had access to your smartphone, he could not open a closed conversation and read its contents. At first, biometrics were used to block them. But it was obvious that this was not the best solution.

The fact is that many parents voluntarily add fingerprints or faces of their children to the memory of their smartphones so that they can unlock the device and, say, play whenever they want. And so that they do not accidentally stumble upon messages that were not intended for their eyes, the developers added those same secret codes to WhatsApp that open closed chats only to their owners.

How to hide a chat on WhatsApp

It simultaneously serves two purposes:

  • The first one opens access to a private chat.
  • The second one allows you to “reveal” a private chat if it was hidden from the general list of dialogues.

But first, let’s learn how to hide chats in WhatsApp :

  • Open Whatsapp on your smartphone;
  • Go to the dialog you want to hide;
  • Click on the icon of the interlocutor and scroll down;
  • Select “Block Chat” – “Close Chat”.

Now the private chat will not be available in the general list. You can open it only by entering the “Closed Chats” tab. When you tap it, WhatsApp will ask you to verify your identity with your fingerprint or face, depending on the method you use on your smartphone. If biometrics are not configured, you can log in by entering your lock password.

Secret codes in WhatsApp are a new feature that is being rolled out gradually. Therefore, do not be surprised if you do not find the ability to use it on your smartphone, or hide the tab with closed chats. They will appear at the same time – if you have already installed the latest WhatsApp update , you do not need to do anything additional for this. All innovations will appear automatically when the time comes.

How to block a WhatsApp chat with a secret code

When the secret codes become available to you, your action to block a specific chat will be accompanied by a proposal to choose an unlocking method. In this case, you can choose to use a secret password, entering which will open access to the dialogue. And, if you need to hide a tab with closed WhatsApp chats , just hold your finger on it and after a couple of seconds select “Hide”. The folder will disappear.

You can find the tab with hidden chats in WhatsApp in the following way:

  • Click on the magnifying glass button, which is used for searching;
  • Enter the secret unlock code in the search bar;
  • WhatsApp will immediately display a folder with secret chats;
  • Select the desired dialog – they will open without additional confirmation.

WhatsApp developers do not specify the exact date of the appearance of secret codes for all users of the messenger, without exception, but claim that the innovation will become available within this month. This is usually done when they want to test a new feature, but are not sure of its stability. Therefore, we will have no choice but to simply wait.

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