Team Fortress 2: How to unlock new weapons

If you want to improve your performance in Team Fortress 2 , you’ll need to unlock new weapons. Especially if you’re still stuck with your starting weapon, you’ll want to get through this stage quickly. With this guide, you won’t have to stick with the same boring weapons in TF2 anymore. We are going to show you several ways that will help you get new weapons in the game.

How to unlock new weapons in Team Fortress 2

To obtain weapons , Team Fortress 2 has several ways to try out new weapons. If you’ve played the game a little, you’ll be familiar with some of these techniques. We are going to list some methods and talk about how to make the most of them.

Item Drop System (Weekly)

The easiest method is probably to use an item drop system, where an item is awarded for each game stage you reach. But there is a limit to the number of items you can get, and once you reach the limit, you won’t be able to get more. This can be weapons, a Mann Co. store, cosmetic items and tools.

On the other hand, it will take many hours to get to it, so what you can do is leave your character idle on an idle server .

Make sure they are idle and set up an autoclicker so the server doesn’t accidentally think you’re AFK. You can access the Console to select which server you want to access.


achievements in the game will give you better weapons with every milestone . Each class has 3 milestone achievements , as well as special promotional items from Steam Achievements from other games.

The Steam Achievements Manager will allow you to customize your achievements so you can get them soon, or delete them so you can get them again.

Additionally, there are Achievement Servers where you can execute commands to earn achievements. Just find the latest legit server as these servers don’t last forever and use this command. You can access the console to select which server you want to access.


Another way to get a weapon is to create it by following the blueprint exactly. If you are a Premium user, you can craft all 156 weapons in the game. You must use scraps or duplicate items to create a new item, which can become a new weapon of your choice.


You can also trade with other players! If you have something they need, you can get a new weapon. It will take you some time to figure out who or where has the best shopping deals, but they are worth it.


Of course, you can always buy new weapons from the Mann Co. Store . The store also features items from Community Creators . There are also Supply Crates where you can find strange weapons for a stranger experience.


Participating in events can also earn you random loot from weapons to cosmetic items. You can also participate in duels, where for every 10 victories you will receive a new item, which can be a weapon.

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