Sun Diagram – What is it and how to make a sun diagram?

The sun diagram, like other types of diagrams, is part of those types of visual and graphic tools that through this element manage to make the content understood without having to explain what is behind it. However, it is always essential to maintain the defense and sense of why the sun diagram.

One of the diagrams that is given less priority than others but that has still been demonstrated as a type of graph that is frequently used in other areas, such as probability, problem solving, component demonstration, failures. , features, etc.

What is a sun diagram?

In case you cannot identify it with the naked eye or on the other hand you are not familiar with this type of diagram, then calm down and continue reading, we will tell you everything related to it and to explain that it is a sun diagram, it is the first point to discuss .

The sun diagram is defined as a type of graphic tool that meets the objective of understanding a central topic, a title to highlight or makes understanding easier for students, frequently used to summarize ideas or concepts.

Its form and visual structure is confirmed by a central theme or title, this is highlighted in the middle part, this central theme can be taken as a name, brand, phrase, word and even a minimum paragraph. To identify the central title of the sun diagram we must enclose it in a circle.

So that it later takes on the body of the sun, this will be seen through growth, since after the central theme it is time to highlight the components and elements that accompany it, this is done through forms of solar rays enclosing the word, phrase or characteristic.

These elements that surround it are usually used so that the graph makes its own sense through reading, that is to give descriptive elements of a company, among other things. An example of this is having a computer as a central theme, its solar rays would be its components, such as motherboard, RAM, processor, hard drive, power supply, etc.

Something that characterizes the diagram of the sun is that it is a type of graph or tool that is carefully organized, having precise, clear and direct information, all with the aim that when reading it it is understood without many questions regarding it.

How to make a sun diagram?

The sun diagram is a type of graphic instrument widely used for concepts and ideas to be presented, from the educational field to other work fields of great interest. For this reason, we will show you how to make a sun diagram step by step and why we took these steps.

  1. Objective on the topic

Keep in mind that the first step to make a sun diagram is to have ready the title or central theme on which the diagram is going to be based, from there we will understand that the diagram will come to life due to the content to be shown related to the topic at hand. identify. In addition to this we can also add that the purpose of the graph must be noted.

  1. Keep in mind or erase external elements

The external elements are those that we define as the valuable components and elements that will highlight the main idea in the diagram, creating more structure and design with them, of course you must take into account the details that make it up.

Preferably have these types of ideas and characteristics in mind in an organized way, but for a better finish it is preferable to have it written in a draft.

  1. The beginning of the diagram

After having carried out the previous steps, what follows is to start the diagram through the central title, this topic must be enclosed through a circle being totally centered, beginning the creation of the sun within the diagram.

  1. Components in solar rays

To have a sun graphically we must accompany it with solar rays, traditionally we see this type of rays reflected in yellow triangles, elements, key words and ideas that go hand in hand with the sun diagram must be present there.

Something else to add is that the triangles must be distributed evenly throughout the rest of the diagram, in order to avoid imperfections.

  1. Organize ideas according to their chronology

As we previously expressed, the ideas and elements must be organized, both in how they will be carried out and at the same time highlight their chronology, since everything is followed up so that the diagram takes on quality and meaning. The clockwise direction is a great example.

  1. Visual impact

The last step and perhaps one of the least talked about. Generally the sun diagrams are the same or similar with their graphics, having a blue background accompanied by the yellow sun. If your sun diagram is not like that, then play with different tones without going over the limit of bright or saturated colors.

How to solve problems with sun diagrams?

In this case, there are two types of solving problems with a sun diagram, among them is problem solving through how this is done and how to find solutions to the problems. Greatly highlighting the elaboration of the sun schemes.

  • When asking ourselves how to make a sun diagram, we must start with the main idea from which we will start to advance with the scheme, having its components.
  • Have ready the information that will go around the central topic
  • The title must be enclosed in a circle.
  • Continuing with the diagram, therefore, continues with the solar rays that will contain the words to highlight related to the main idea.

On the other hand, we have the problem solving that occurs due to sun diagrams. This type of diagram is often used in educational and scientific areas, accompanied by geometric figures to add visual value.

Problems, whether mathematical, educational, or work errors, can be solved through a scheme of this kind, seeking an objective with a mechanism, processes, and ideas that lead to the solution.

What is the sun diagram for?

If you are not very familiar with the sun diagram then you will not know what it is and its function or what it is for, but don’t worry because we will explain everything related to the sun diagram.

This type of diagram called a sun diagram has the function of being an image that projects an idea with a specific objective, since through this type of graph we can verify the meaning it takes and the reason for its elaboration.

Being the tool to have a central title that will be surrounded by components, characteristics, information or keywords. It takes center stage in problem solving and in the educational system. It serves to create and build processes, ideas, brainstorming and understanding or compression mechanism.

Where can I make a sun diagram?

There are many means by which a sun diagram or also known as a cognitive map can be made. From digital platforms, web pages that we can access through search engines and of course existing applications for editing and content creation.

For this reason, the means or channels through which to make a sun diagram are varied, having different tools, functions and editing specialties in content, having all the necessary aspects for you to obtain an excellent job.

Next, we will name you a brief list of digital platforms, applications with editing and content creation that have the functions required to make a sun diagram.

  • canva
  • Lucidchart
  • web diagram
  • Creately

Beyond web pages

An element that is also widely used and frequented to make sun diagrams are programs. In this case, we cannot miss the opportunity to mention Microsoft Office or Power Point, programs and tools that most electronic devices have.

Through them it is possible to make this type of diagrams, from shapes, fonts, shadows, sizes, positions and even colors. But beyond technology there is also the traditional method, which is based on doing it by hand, on a blank sheet of paper, with ideas, support material and free drawing.

How do you make a sun diagram?

A sun diagram has a very specific way of being made, of course there are cases in which it can be made without a very extensive plan or without a prior strategy and still have all the elements and functions.

However, at this point this is not the case, since we want to show you how sun diagrams are made from a point of structure, organized and of course with a purpose to fulfill.

  • central title

The central title is step number one to start our sun diagram, the main topic to relate and describe according to the objective of the diagram, whether to reflect a problem, characteristics or specific details.

Taking a central title must be careful so that it is understood what the sun scheme is about and why it was done in that way; the topic can be reduced to a small paragraph, phrase or word.

  • Choice of contours

The elements that surround and around the central theme are just as essential as the title, for this same reason that the key words, phrases or words that are located clockwise on the circle must be organized. This content should be direct and easy to connect with the objective of the diagram.

  • Schematization

In this step or sector of how to make a sun diagram we can highlight the structure that it will be taking, that is, the scheme will take on greater strength and visual weight when constructed appropriately, the scheme must be in the form of sun.

What does a sun diagram consist of?

For academic and educational purposes, the sun diagram example consists of making a topic understood together with its characteristics, elements and components from a visual perspective, because the sun diagram is a visual tool that must be carried out with an objective and said objective has to be understood from the graph.

Being a visual representation, we can notice that the sun diagram is structured from a main or central theme that is enclosed in a circle to give way to the shape of the sun. After that, we can notice that around the central theme are equilateral triangles. that make up the sun’s rays.

This part of the diagram must be indicated with each ray of sun, said ray of sun must be representing an element that is related to the main theme, fulfilling the function of the diagram and its objective. It also consists of learning and retaining information through graphics.

sun diagram examples

There are many types of diagrams, especially sun diagrams, which have an educational and academic purpose to learn during the process and creation of the diagram.

Some of the example sun diagrams that we can notice the most are about companies, models and structures, professions, sports, anatomy, social classes and living beings.

Sun diagram on living beings

In the case of making a sun diagram about living beings, we must take into account the entire process to be carried out, such as the central title, which would be ‘living beings’. This topic is centralized and enclosed in a circle.

To continue with the sun diagram we must place the equilateral triangles around the circle, these represent the elements to be mentioned and in turn also represent the solar rays.

Each solar ray must have a type of living being to make up the diagram, among these types of living beings we have:

  • Cells
  • Animals
  • Floors
  • Ecosystems
  • Humans

Each one belonging to each ray of light, thus forming a diagram of the sun over living beings.

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