Solution 0x800B010A “Cannot build certificate chain”

Users working with cryptography complain about error 0x800B010A. Most often, the code can be seen when using electronic signatures (EDS) or on government procurement websites during registration.

On some versions of Windows, an update error with exactly the same code may appear, but this is a problem from a completely different area.

What causes error 0x800B010A?

There are several reasons for error code 0x800B010A to appear:

  • outdated certificates;
  • some or all root certificates are missing;
  • The cryptography program is missing critical updates.

Solution to error 0x800B010A

The problem with building a chain of certificates is relatively simple to solve. The main thing is to strictly follow the tips and instructions below.

Checking the validity of certificates

First, you should check the validity period of the certificates involved. You probably know how to check, but we will remind you:

  1. Press WIN+S to open the Windows search engine.
  2. Write “Certificates” in the empty line and select the result found.
  3. Open the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” section.
  4. Double-click on the certificate and pay attention to the line “Valid from… to…”.
  5. Repeat these steps for other certificates.

If the certificate has already expired, a new certificate is required. You can install the most current certificates in the entire package, as described below.

Installing a universal set of CA root certificates

The CryptoPro support service was able to collect root certificates for the main certification authorities (CAs) in the root.p7b file. The certificates can be found in this file:

  • National Certification Center of the Russian Federation;
  • Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation;
  • Head certification center;
  • Russian Trusted Root CA;
  • CryptoPro GOST Root CA.

Installing certificates from a downloaded file is relatively simple:

  1. Launch the CryptoPro Tools application.
  2. Go to the “Certificates” tab.
  3. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the “Install certificates” button.
  5. Locate the root.p7b file on your PC and click Open.

Installing intermediate certificates – additional solution

If the above steps did not help in solving error 0x800B010A, then you need to install intermediate certificates. Everything is done by analogy with the previous paragraph:

  1. Download the file p7bfrom those. CryptoPro support.
  2. Launch “CryptoPro Tools” and go to “Certificates”.
  3. Select Intermediate Certification Authorities.
  4. Click on “Install Certificates”.
  5. Specify the location ca.p7b and click Open.

Error 0x800B010A can take any user by surprise, but it is easy to get rid of it by using proven solutions. If you still have any questions on the topic, leave them in the comments.

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