Roblox error 0 – how to fix?

Roblox error 0

Roblox error 0 – this ominous window can be seen by any inhabitant of the cubic universe. An informative message is attached to the error:

Error code: 0. An error occurred during authentication. Please try again.

You can see such code both in the web version of the game and in its standalone client.

Reasons for the error

There may be several reasons for this error to appear:

  • technical problems on Roblox game servers;
  • some game files (or cache files) are damaged;
  • network connection problems.

There are other reasons, but the above three are the main ones.

Roblox error 0 – how to fix?

Error 0 can be resolved within a few minutes using a set of relatively simple methods.

  1. Checking the status of Roblox servers. The user will not be able to authenticate if there are any problems with the game servers. Go to the official page with the status of various Roblox services.
  2. Restart the PC and router. Problems with authentication in Roblox can be solved by simply rebooting the router or computer. We recommend doing both.
  3. Removing Roblox folder from AppData. The AppData folder on the system partition stores many Roblox files, including user account login cookies. Just go to the AppData location (WIN+R → appdata), delete the Roblox folder from there, restart your PC and try to log into Roblox again.
  4. Deleting the cache of the web version of Roblox. If you encounter error 0 in the web version of Roblox, you can get rid of it by deleting the game cache files. Whether you delete the entire cache or just for the site is up to you.
  5. Reinstalling the game. If one or more files of the standalone version of the game are damaged, you should completely reinstall it. This is done in the usual way through “Programs and Features” or “Installed Applications”. You can download the current version of Roblox from the official website of the developer.

The above methods should get rid of error 0 in Roblox. However, if nothing has changed, we recommend contacting Roblox Corporation technical support .

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