How WhatsApp is hacked and how to protect?

Our WhatsApp accounts are reliably protected, because to log into your account we do not use a password, but a one-time code that arrives in the form of a call or SMS to the linked number. Therefore, it is not possible for fraudsters to hack the messenger database. Attackers are well aware of this and are constantly looking for alternative ways to gain access to your account. Quite often they succeed, and therefore you definitely need to know how WhatsApp is hacked in order to protect your account.

WhatsApp hacking code

Finding the phone number on the Internet that your WhatsApp is linked to is a piece of cake, because we leave a lot of digital traces online. Then the fraudster just has to show his imagination and somehow get a WhatsApp access code , which will help him log into his account.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios of how WhatsApp is hacked through a one-time code . First option:

  1. An SMS with a WhatsApp authorization code is sent to your phone.
  2. Next, a message is received through the messenger from a friend who allegedly accidentally entered your number when entering.
  3. Finally, he asks you to forward the code, which you do without a second thought.

As a rule, in this case, the message is written by a person whose account has already been hacked, that is, the user may be on your list of accounts. But this is not the only way to hack WhatsApp . Here’s another option:

  1. You receive an invitation to a meeting via WhatsApp.
  2. To confirm your presence, you are asked to write a verification code that is about to arrive.
  3. Next, the attacker uses the number to log into the account, after which the victim’s phone receives an SMS with a WhatsApp code, which she successfully shares.

To some, these methods of hacking WhatsApp may seem stupid, but they work. As practice shows, an attacker just needs to introduce himself as someone you know or as an employee of the messenger support service, and the access code is already in his pocket. So be careful.

WhatsApp hacking program

On the darknet you can find applications for hacking WhatsApp . One of these programs takes advantage of the inattention of people who use the web version of the messenger and works as follows:

  1. The attacker launches the program and uses it to generate an image infected with a virus.
  2. The scammer sends the image to the victim, after which she opens the photo, thereby infecting the device.
  3. The virus in the background sends the scammer a QR code for the session on the PC.
  4. The attacker’s device receives the QR code and starts a messenger session in the browser.

There is an easier way to exploit the WhatsApp Web vulnerability . There are many sites on the Internet that mimic the web version of the messenger, but are not it. They also display a QR code, which the victim scans, giving the scammers access to the account.

Hacking WhatsApp by phone number

The next method of hijacking a WhatsApp account can hardly be called hacking in the literal sense. Rather, it is accidental access to the account by third parties. It all happens like this:

  1. The owner of the WhatsApp account changes the number, but forgets to delete the account.
  2. Some time after blocking a number, the mobile operator provides it to a new client.
  3. The person who has become the owner of your old number logs into WhatsApp and is surprised to see someone else’s correspondence there.

It seems incredible, but the possibility of accidental hacking of WhatsApp is recognized by both cellular operators and employees of the messenger administration. Therefore, always delete your account when switching to a new number.

Hacking WhatsApp correspondence

You can get access to correspondence on WhatsApp even without hacking your messenger account. An attacker only needs to log into your Google Drive, which is used to store a backup, to download all chats.

Is it really easier to hack a Google account than WhatsApp? Oddly enough, yes. Many users forget to enable two-factor authentication, leaving the scammer to guess the password. He may try to generate it through a special program or find it in one of the leaked databases.

How to protect WhatsApp from hacking on Android

To ensure that your WhatsApp account is never hijacked , or the likelihood of this is minimal, take note of a few recommendations:

  • Do not tell anyone or under any pretext the authorization code on WhatsApp;
  • do not communicate with strangers in the messenger, and also do not open files sent by them and do not follow links;
  • use only the official WhatsApp application and carefully check the website address of the web version (should be ).

In addition, there are several additional measures to protect your WhatsApp account . We talked about them in a separate article, where you will learn about two-step verification, privacy settings and other features.

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