How to Transfer Pets to Pet Simulator 99

Are you wondering how to transfer pets to Pet Simulator 99? No problem bro, we’ve got you covered! This latest game from developer BIG Games has taken the avid pet collectors by storm, offering new features and stunning visuals that will spice up your gaming experience!

However, many players want to know if they import their pets and eggs from Pet Simulator. X in Pet Simulator 99 is possible. This guide will help you transfer pets so you can keep your companions close to you on your new adventure.

Pet transfer in Pet Simulator 99 is available for 175 days, 07:07:57

How to Transfer Pets & Eggs from Pet Simulator X

Want to import your favorite pets into a new game? You’re in luck, because transferring pets to Pet Simulator 99 is very easy! To begin the transfer, log into Pet Simulator X and locate the Pet Crate  in the city area.

Here you can choose to transfer up to 250 pets and eggs. Just keep in mind that there is a weekly limit for each category, so choose your most valuable or favorite pets first. Once you’ve selected your pets to transfer to Pet Simulator 99, confirm the transfer and you’re done!

Your pets will be marked as “transferred” to Pet Simulator X, but will still be present in the game. However, eggs are handled differently. When you transfer an egg, it is permanently moved to Pet Simulator 99 and removed from your Pet Simulator X inventory. So keep that in mind.

Important: You are only allowed to transfer exclusive pets, huge ones, Titanics and eggs. Unfortunately, regular pets are not eligible. Once you’ve identified the pets you want to transfer, you’ll need to unlock them if they’re locked – otherwise you won’t be able to transfer them.

Common problems when porting Pet Simulator 99

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before transferring your pets from Pet Simulator X to Pet Simulator 99 on Roblox:

  • Restrictions on transfers. Players often wonder about restrictions on transfers. The game has a weekly limit for each category, meaning each week you can only transfer a certain number of pets of each type (Exclusive, Huge, Titanic). This limit is renewed after seven days.
  • Saving Pets in Pet Simulator X: A common misconception is that transferring a pet to Pet Simulator 99 will remove it from Pet Simulator X. This is not true. Pets remain in Pet Simulator X, marked as “transferred”, and can still be traded in both games.
  • Value of Transferred Pets: There is some concern that transferred pets may lose value in Pet Simulator X. While they retain their functional value, the “transferred” tag may affect their trade value by showing that they are also present in another game.

Transfer Window Length : The Pet Box will be available for six months from its release. This means you will have until May 19, 2024 to transfer your pets to Pet Simulator 99.

  • Transferring Eggs: Transferring eggs is a permanent transition in Pet Simulator 99. Once transferred, these eggs disappear from Pet Simulator X, so it is important to transfer eggs if you are sure you want to use them in a new game.
  • Transferring Special Items and Enchantments: Pets retain their serial numbers, signatures, and gold/rainbow status. However, nicknames and enchantments do not carry over as these systems are different in Pet Simulator 99.

And that’s all you need to know about how to transfer pets in Pet Simulator 99. For more details, we highly recommend you check out the official BIG Games blog post.

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