How to take photos on an Android smartphone without touching it

I suspect none of our readers have a personal photographer. And what if you want to take a photo against the backdrop of something beautiful and majestic? You can get by with a selfie, but then only your face will be in the frame. You can ask a passerby to play the role of a photographer, or better yet, use automatic shooting on Android . In many cases, this is the most rational option to take a photo without touching your smartphone, and you will be able to accomplish your plans in different ways.

How to set a timer on your camera

First, every Android smartphone has a camera timer hiding in the camera app menu. Set the required period of time to take an automatic photo, place the device on some support, but preferably on a tripod, and then press the shutter button.

The countdown will begin and in a few seconds the photo will be ready. This way you can take a general photo so that the whole company is included in the frame, and you won’t have to bother passers-by, who can continue to go about their business.

Automatic shooting on Android

In addition to the banal timer, smartphone manufacturers are integrating additional automatic shooting tools into their devices . The simplest of them is the palm release. It is enabled in the menu or in the camera settings depending on the device model.

Once you enable the option, all you have to do is raise your palm, after which the timer will start counting down. But there are other options. For example, HUAWEI smartphones have automatic shooting based on a smile , the word “Cheese” or a raised voice. This is an even more convenient tool.

Check your camera app settings . Sometimes the desired option is hidden very deep. Thus, the photo for the word “Cheese” on vivo smartphones is hidden in the “Shutter” section, but, alas, on most devices there is still no such useful function.

Controlling your phone camera from a smartwatch

If you have a smart watch or fitness bracelet, you can do it in an even more rational way, because such devices allow you to remotely control your phone camera . This is much more convenient than using a classic timer, since you will always know when the shutter button is pressed, which will result in a successful photo. And to remotely control the camera you will need:

  1. Open the menu of a smart watch or fitness bracelet connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  2. Launch the camera app on Android and place your smartphone in a convenient location.
  3. Press the shutter button on your smartwatch or set a timer.

The photo is ready, and now you can look at it in the Android gallery . But it’s better to take several photos at once so that you’re sure to get a good shot among them.

Selfie stick with tripod for phone

If you don’t have a smart watch, and the automatic shooting functions on Android are only represented by a timer, buy a tripod with a button . The inexpensive UGREEN selfie stick is perfect for this role . If necessary, it transforms into a tripod, and the Bluetooth button allows you to take photos from a distance without even setting a timer in advance.

The thing is useful and extremely functional. I need a general photo, please. If you want to take a selfie, no one bothers you either. Just don’t forget to connect the button to your smartphone via Bluetooth settings , which we talked about in a separate article on our website.

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