How to take a screenshot or screen record on an Android tablet

Users of Android tablets , as well as owners of smartphones based on a similar operating system, can take a screenshot or record the screen. These are two very useful options that allow you to capture what’s happening on your display for different purposes. In the first case we are talking about an image, and in the second we are talking about a video. Next, you will learn how to take a screenshot on a tablet , and what you will need for this.

Here are all the ways to take a screenshot and record your screen on your tablet.

How to take a screenshot using buttons

The ability to create a screenshot on a tablet is a basic function of the operating system. To take a screenshot, you need to press the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time. The picture is created instantly, and in most cases a thumbnail of the image appears on the screen. Clicking on it will open the editor for making edits, and the Scroll button will help you take a long screenshot .

This is how you will take a screenshot on a Huawei tablet or a device from any other manufacturer, because the combination is universal. But this method of taking a screenshot does not seem very convenient, since often the power and volume buttons are spaced at perpendicular ends, that is, one is on the side, and the second is on the bottom or top, depending on how you hold the device. In this regard, it is important to talk about additional options.

How else to take a screenshot on a tablet

If desired, you can take a screenshot on an Android tablet through the notification shade (Control Center). To open it, swipe down from the top of the display, and then click the “Screenshot” button. On some models it is called “Screenshot”.

After this, the system will take a screenshot of the page you were on before opening the curtain. The option of taking a screenshot with three fingers is also common . Just place them on the screen and make a downward motion. If nothing happens, check whether the function is activated:

  1. Open your tablet settings.
  2. Go to the Gesture Functions section.
  3. Open the Screenshot tab.
  4. Turn on the Three Finger Down Gesture switch.

You can take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet using your palm. To do this, first of all, activate the function of the same name in the “Movements and Gestures” settings section. Next, all you have to do is move the edge of your palm across the screen from left to right or vice versa, and the photo will be ready.

Screenshot Apps

If for some reason you can’t take a screenshot on your tablet , install one of the following screenshot apps:

The programs are very similar to each other, and therefore the instructions on how to take a screenshot on a tablet will be the same for everyone. First you need to launch the application and give it all permissions. Then you need to activate the floating button and click on it when you need to take a screenshot.

Screenshot apps have their own editor. When using third-party software, images are saved not in the DCIM/Screenshots path, but in a separate folder. It is configured through the program itself, but all pictures are displayed in the tablet gallery.

How to record screen on tablet

Enable screen recording on the tablet in order to capture what is happening in video format, it is offered through the “Control Center” notification curtain. Here is the “Screen Recording” item, after clicking on it a floating button appears.

To start recording, you need to press the button with a red circle, and to stop, press the square. In the tablet settings, you can change the video resolution and other parameters, including the presence or absence of sound on the resulting video. The recording will be saved to the DCIM/ScreenRecorder path, but on some models the folder and its location are different.

Screen recording apps for Android

Failed to record your tablet screen ? Then turn to the help of additional software in the form of the following programs:

They work the same way as screenshot apps. That is, you need to launch the program, grant it permissions and activate the floating button. Now all you have to do is click on it to enable tablet screen recording on Android.

Do not forget that when using third-party software, the video is saved in a different folder. But you can easily find it either in the gallery or inside the tablet screen recording application itself.

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