How to share a Story on Instagram?

Have you heard about these famous Instagram stories that are particularly popular with users of the social network, but their use is still a mystery to you? Follow our user guide.

The social network Instagram offers us two possibilities: the publication of permanent or ephemeral photos and videos. The second option allows you to share your moments with your friends over just twenty-four hours. To do this, simply put it in Story. We will explain how to proceed.

How to share a Story on Instagram?

To share a Story, you must click on the Instagram logo to open the application and go to your profile page. You must then click on the “plus” sign contained in a square at the top right of the screen. A list of options is then displayed. After clicking on “Story” , all you have to do is select the image or video to publish and touch the black arrow on a circle with a white background, at the bottom right of the screen. Choose “post to your story” and tap “share” .

How do I share someone else’s Instagram Story?

You can share another person’s Instagram Story , especially when they tag you in it. In this case, you receive a message from the person who identified you and a sentence indicating that they mentioned your name. Sharing is then very simple since you just need to press the Story that will be displayed, and choose the words “add to your story” .

How to share an Instagram Story when you are not identified?

When you are not tagged on the Story you want to share, Instagram will not allow you to publish it. However, you can still add it to your Story by taking a screenshot (or video capture) and then posting it to your own account .

Why can’t I share an Instagram Story?

Several reasons explain this impossibility. First scenario: the author of the publication has not identified you. Stories from private Instagram accounts also cannot be reposted. Finally, some users deactivate the permission to share their stories on their account.

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