How to send bulk WhatsApp messages from Excel

One of the most important communication tools in the world is WhatsApp and it has always been used as a means for digital marketing, advertising and much more, but its chain message method can be really obsolete for companies that manage a portfolio of clients quite wide, so today we will teach you how to send bulk WhatsApp messages from Excel.

Whatsapp is no longer just a tool for sending stickers or voice notes , you now have many tools at your disposal to create personalized messages to many contacts, and all this as if it were WhatsApp Business , and here you will learn it.

Requirements to send WhatsApp from Excel: Tool for automated messages

Sending WhatsApp messages through an Excel sheet has been a surprise for many people, and this has many benefits, including being able to spread a message to anyone, even when they are not among your contacts, that is, with this you do not have than downloading pirated or untrustworthy applications that can damage your devices.

Now that WhatsApp can automate different responses for customers , companies have decided that it is a benefit for their employees who have many tasks and therefore customer service is more adequate and is responded to accurately.

That said, it is important to mention that Excel has always seemed like a difficult task , but really when it is used as a means to send mass messages, its use is very simple, the best of all is that with this you will prevent your WhatsApp account from being suspended , since by creating a link you will have communication with anyone in the world, with an automatic, personalized message and with all the marketing you want.

But, now we have the really important question: What does it take to send WhatsApp from Excel ? Here I leave you the tools:

  • WhatsApp Desktop.
  • Excel 2003 or higher.

Create links to send bulk messages with Excel

The first thing you need to have is the URL and you can create it as follows:

  2. Now after the “ =” symbol you have to enter the country code.
  3. Then you have to enter the region code.
  4. Finally, you must add “ text=” and the message you want to send, this procedure is really easy.

When you generate the link in the Excel sheet, you just have to click on it and you will have a conversation with an empty chat, so now you just need to add the text you want in the conversation.

Macro to send bulk messages from Excel via WhatsApp How to use Whatsapp Desktop and Excel?

Whatsapp is a tool that allows anyone to send mass messages through Excel with the following URL https://Wa.Me/Telefono?Text=Texto+Espacios+Asi.

This is an address with which the desktop version of the application is automatically started. It should be mentioned that the symbols that are interspersed in the URL are the text that you want to use .

Now, when the programs described above have been installed, and you have the link you need, it is the right time to send mass messages by WhatsApp from Excel for free in the following way.

  1. Create a table with three columns in an excel sheet
  2. Each column must be filled in with a recipient number and the message you want to send with the URL. Here I leave you an example:

Number: +584243181577 + Message: “Greetings, I wish you a good day” + URL: Https://Wa.Me/584243181577?Text=%Greetings+I+wish+you+a+good+day

  1. When you have created the links, you can create a Macro in Excel to send mass messages on WhatsApp.

According to Microsoft, it is possible that, if there are many tasks performed repeatedly in Excel , a macro must be created to automate this work.

Important!: What is a Macro?

A macro is an action that can be performed as many times as a user wants. When this is created, Excel has the ability to record mouse clicks and also the keys that are pressed . After the macro has been created, it can be adjusted for appropriate changes to its function. The best of all is that you can create and then use a different macro so that it can make the formatting changes in the cells in which you want.

Send bulk WhatsApp from Excel fully personalized

Sending personalized messages in bulk on WhatsApp is the best when it comes to digital marketing, in addition to this, you have other benefits such as avoiding having your WhatsApp account suspended, and to do this, you only need to create the following URL: name, Last name, Country code, Number and personalized message

In order to create the URL perfectly , the blank spaces must have “%20” or you must enter a similar symbology, this is the only way to send the message.

When you are in Excel, you will only need to copy and paste the URL created previously , and when you click on the link that Excel created, you will have the conversation with the person you want, all this, even if you do not have their number saved.

The most important thing about this process is that you should not send mass messages to contacts over and over again , since Whatsapp can suspend your account for SPAM and if you continue doing this, they can delete your account permanently.

Is it possible to suspend a WhatsApp account for sending bulk messages from Excel?

When carrying out a marketing campaign, it is important that we do not repeatedly use the same messages and that they are used in the usual contacts. Since this causes the content to be pigeonholed as repetitive and no client will like this, just like WhatsApp.

Therefore, we would be breaking their privacy and marketing laws, something we really don’t want, so an excellent strategy to avoid suspension is to personalize the messages and avoid repeat contact.

Broadcast lists to send bulk WhatsApp from Excel

The idea of ​​how to send bulk WhatsApp messages from Excel has always been quite interesting, and now that you have the answer, it is important to know an ally that will help you carry out defined marketing from your computer.

It should be considered that this way you will always have loyal customers and you can even attract new ones through your marketing campaign.

The most important thing about mass messages is that you can always give the campaigns that push you need and make them not seem like a worn-out strategy, but rather something closer and more personal to your clients. This is because the WhatsApp application is personal and the dynamics that influence potential clients are better than any approach through a website or interpersonal medium.

So sending bulk WhatsApp from Excel for free is an advantage, since corporate formality is left aside and you have personalized, fresh greetings, with identity and personality so that sales managers can have more spontaneous communication.

With all this in mind, it is necessary to ask: How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp from Excel with a broadcast list? And the reality is that until now, this is not possible, although there are alternatives on the market, such as Whatzaper.

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