How to make stairs in Minecraft

If you plan to build a multi-story house, some stairs cannot be missing. In Minecraft there are several types of stairs, but if we simplify it we could say that there are only two types you can make, a ladder and the normal one made with stone blocks. Now, there are also wooden ones. Finding the materials is very easy and there are plenty of them , so in this sense you will not have any problems.

Stepladder or normal? Well, this depends. The ladder is very useful in caves and in everything that has to do with exploration. Stairs made with blocks are usually for houses and any building that has more than one floor. That being said, let’s see how to make both stairs.

How to make stairs in Minecraft

Before making a ladder you need an axe, a pickaxe and a workbench . Once you have these three things you can go look for the materials to make the stairs. By the way, have free space in your inventory to store all the materials.


Ax in hand you have to go cut down a few trees to get wooden blocks . With two blocks of wood you can make four sticks, and you need seven. So, you need four blocks to build three ladders – it’s the minimum.

Once you have the four wooden blocks you have to go to the work table. By placing one stick in the center and the rest on the sides you will obtain three stairs. I recommend making a few ladders to always carry in your inventory.

Rock stairs and other materials

Make a staircase that requires rock blocks, bricks, infrabricks, among others. We will focus on making a staircase with rock blocks . Regardless of the material, the staircase is made the same, the same number of blocks is necessary. That being said, let’s see how many blocks you need and how to get them.

You need six rock blocks to make four stairs . You get these types of blocks by breaking a stone with a pickaxe. Once you have the necessary blocks you have to go to the work table and you can craft the stairs. Well this would be all. You already know how to make a staircase of each type.

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