How to make posters in Minecraft

Posters are very useful in Minecraft, although at first they seem dispensable. However, once you have your house built or want to mark something, it is worth crafting a few. To start, you can add text as information . On the other hand, posters can be placed in many places. Come on, it never hurts to know how they are made.

Getting the materials to make a sign takes just a few minutes. Luckily, they are easy to get since you basically need wood. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have an ax to take much less time. As for the type of wood, it is indifferent. Well, let’s see how to craft posters.

How to make posters in Minecraft

To make a sign you need six blocks of wood and a stick of the same material . For each log you can craft a block of wood. Once you have the logs you have to go through the work table to get the blocks. Finally, with two blocks of wood you make a stick.

Once you have the stick and the wooden blocks you can make a sign. You just have to place both things on the work table as you can see in the image above and you will get a poster. To write any text on the poster, you must place it on the ground or another place where possible. By doing so, you will be able to write whatever you want.

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