How to make bricks in Minecraft

You should never start the house from the roof, and the same can be applied to Minecraft. In Mojang’s game you can let your imagination fly and build the house of your dreams, even virtually. However, first you have to get the necessary materials. This can take a long time, especially if you plan to build a very large house.

To build a house you need bricks, doors, windows, among other things. If we focus on bricks, there are several types. Today we will see how to craft normal bricks. Let’s say they are the easiest to make. For information, it is worth mentioning that you need a kiln, otherwise you will not be able to make bricks. To craft doors and windows you have to have a workbench.

How to make bricks in Minecraft

If you want to make normal bricks you need two things, charcoal and clay. To get charcoal I recommend taking a look at the guide where we explain how to get it and what to make with it . It is an essential material and there is plenty of it. To find clay you just have to look near the water and under the sand with the help of a shovel. For each clay block you get four clay balls.

Once you have both things, clay balls and charcoal, you can go through the oven and place both materials to craft a brick. This is all! We could say that making normal bricks is very easy. As for the time it takes to get the materials, it all depends on the bricks you need to build the house.

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