How to make arrows in Minecraft

Carrying a bow in your inventory is a good idea if you arrive in an area where there are hostile NPCs. Although you can use bladed weapons to attack melee on many occasions, it is much more advisable to use a bow , especially if the enemies outnumber you. Now, of course, to use a bow you need arrows.

In Minecraft there are several types of arrows . The specials not only do a lot of damage, they also grant certain effects that affect the status of enemies. For example, the poison arrow causes progressive loss of hearts over several seconds. Although not all arrows take life or negatively affect enemies. There is an arrow that can be used to heal any creature that is alive, making it regain a heart. Okay, let’s see how to make the most basic arrows.

How to make arrows in Minecraft

To craft arrows you need a wooden stick, a feather and a flint . We could say that they are very easy materials to obtain. Now comes the question. How are these materials obtained? You can get flint by breaking gravel blocks. However, the probability of a flint coming out is not quite low, we are talking about 10% or so. Another way to get flint would be to trade with the villagers and search the chests in the dungeons.

As for the wooden stick, you first have to cut down trees to get blocks. Next, you have to go through the crafting table to turn the blocks into sticks . Lastly, you can get feathers by killing chickens. It is worth mentioning that you will not always receive one or two feathers.

Now that you have everything you need to make arrows, the work table awaits you . In the center of the work table you put the wooden stick, in the lower box the feather and in the upper box the flint. As you can see, it’s pretty easy.

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