How to make armor in Minecraft

If you decide to unleash the explorer inside you, it is very important to have the appropriate equipment . It is best to carry a sword , a compass and armor. You can’t miss some food either. Once you have all this you can go out in search of adventures. If you are new to Minecraft you may not know where to start. No problem, you can always take a look at our complete guide to the game to resolve any questions.

This time we will see how to craft armor. The armor consists of four parts : helmet, breastplate, greave and scarps. We could say that getting the materials for each of the pieces is quite easy, although this also depends on the quality of the materials. Using leather is not the same as using underworld or iron. It is clear that getting leather is much easier.

How to make armor in Minecraft

Before seeing how to make armor, it is worth mentioning what exactly it is for. If you wear armor you take less damage when attacked, whether melee or ranged . In turn, when you receive damage the armor loses one point of durability. Depending on the material used to create the armor, the pieces will have more or less durability points.


To make a helmet you need: x5 leather, x5 iron ingots, x5 gold ingots or x5 diamonds .


To craft a breastplate you need: x8 leather, x8 iron ingots, x8 gold ingots or x8 diamonds .


Greaves require less materials than breastplates. To make greaves you have to have: x7 leather, x7 iron ingots, x7 gold ingots or x8 diamonds .


The last piece of armor is the scarps. To craft scarps you need: x4 leather, x4 iron ingots, x4 gold ingots or x4 diamonds .

How to get the materials

If you want to make the most basic armor you only need leather. You can get leather by killing cows, horses and donkeys. When they die they usually release several pieces of said material .

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