How to make an oven in Minecraft

Minecraft is a perfect title to unleash your imagination. Not only can you live all kinds of adventures, whether alone or with other players, you also have the freedom to build practically anything you want , as long as you have the necessary materials. In short, it is a game that offers a lot of fun, despite the redundancy.

When crafting an object you have to follow a chain, it is not as easy as getting the materials and that’s it, first you have to have certain tools, otherwise you will not be able to gather most of the materials. Additionally, you also have to have a work table. In short, you cannot start the house from the roof . Once you have the basics, I recommend crafting an oven, it is essential. Once you have a furnace you will not only be able to melt, create ingots and certain objects, but also cook.

How to make an oven in Minecraft

To craft a furnace you need 8 stone blocks , a pickaxe, and a workbench. That said, you have to equip the pickaxe and look for a place to break rocks, so you get blocks. The wooden pick is sufficient for chopping. Once you have the necessary blocks in your inventory, you can go to the work table.

Once on the work table you simply have to place the 8 blocks, leaving the central square empty . That’s it! Now that you have an oven you can cook food, melt minerals, burn plants and much more. Remember that you need some type of fuel to use the oven. It is best to use charcoal and blocks of dry algae.

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