How to make an iron golem in Minecraft

If you want to keep your house or village safe from zombies, spiders, skeletons and other usually hostile creatures, then you just have to create an iron golem. The iron golems are very effective when it comes to defending both the villagers and ourselves. Making an iron golem is not very difficult , especially if you have everything you need in your inventory.

There are several things to keep in mind regarding the iron golems you can make in Minecraft: they do not leave villages, they are immune to falling or drowning damage, they cannot float, they avoid hot blocks and also lava, and they defend others. the villagers who are being beaten by a player. In addition, they stand out for being very resistant and for doing a lot of damage.

How to make an iron golem in Minecraft

If you want to create an iron golem you need to obtain certain materials that are essential. To do this, you have to get 36 iron ingots . Next, you need to go to the workbench to turn the ingots into iron blocks. Lastly, you just need a carved pumpkin .

Once you have everything you need, you can create an iron golem. It’s time to place four iron blocks in a T shape , so you will have the body of the golem. To finish, you just have to put the carved pumpkin on top as a head.

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