How to make a swing in Minecraft

Maybe you weren’t aware, but in Minecraft you can’t make a swing on the crafting table using a recipe. However, it is possible to build a swing manually if you have certain materials in your inventory. This is something that also applies to tables — not to be confused with the enchantment table . Let’s say there are many ways to build a swing in Mojang’s game. Today we will see one of the easiest.

As a preview, he can tell you to prepare some fences. The amount may vary. It all depends on the size of the structure and if you want to put more than one swing . This is like everything. You can always take the structure of a very basic swing as a base and from there you can add your personal touch.

How to make a swing in Minecraft

To make a swing you need the following: x2 ropes (or chains), x15 fences , x1 wooden board . Don’t know how to get everything you need? Then I recommend taking a look at our complete Minecraft guide where we explain where they are and much more.

Once you have everything you need, you can make the structure. The first thing is to create the columns (5 blocks of distance between them). To make the structure you have to put 5 fences at the top of each column . Next, you have to join the columns with another 5 fences that are placed on top. Next, you put the ropes and finally the wooden board as a seat. If you wish you can use chains instead of ropes.

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