How to make a piston in Minecraft

You can create so many tools and objects in Minecraft that you may have lost count. Furthermore, remembering what materials are needed is not easy at all . In some cases, obtaining the materials requires dedication and, most importantly, knowing where they can be obtained. Wanting to craft a pickaxe is not the same as making an enchantment table.

Among all the objects that you can craft in Minecraft is the piston. There are two types of pistons, the normal one and the sticky one. A piston is very useful if you plan to create some type of mechanism . The most basic pistons allow blocks to be pushed. As for sticky pistons, they don’t just push blocks, they also pull them.

How to make a piston in Minecraft

To craft a piston you need four stone blocks, three wood blocks, Redstone dust, and a gold ingot .

Once you have all the necessary materials to craft a piston, you can go to the work table. You have to place the materials as you can in the screenshot. That said, making a piston takes time , but it’s worth it.

How to make a sticky piston

Now that you have a normal piston if you wish you can make a sticky piston. You only need a slime ball . You can find Smiles near swamps and in caves. These creatures are hostile. For each Smile you receive a block and, in turn, with one block you can craft 9 Smile balls.

Finally, on the workbench you have to put a Smile ball and the piston to make a sticky piston . That’s it! It has not been an easy job. Well, it’s not that it’s difficult, more than anything it requires spending some time gathering the materials.

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