How to make a pickaxe in Minecraft

There are many tools you can make in Minecraft, although some are more essential than others, for example the pickaxe. We could say that the pickaxe and the shovel are two tools that can never be missing from the inventory . Luckily, they are easy to make and obtaining the necessary materials only takes a few minutes.

Today we will see how to make a wooden pickaxe, it is the most basic of all and the first one you should craft in order to later be able to make more complex and resistant ones. Remember that to craft a pickaxe or other tool you need a workbench . Regarding the latter, we recommend that you take a look at the guide where we explain how to make a work table .

How to make a pickaxe in Minecraft

If you need a wooden pickaxe, the first thing of all is to get wooden boards and make sticks. The first step is to cut down trees to obtain wood. Gather plenty of wood, you better have more. Next, you have to go to the crafting table to turn the wood into boards . You need three boards.

Now that you have three wooden planks, it is time to craft the sticks. You simply have to put two wooden boards on the table, so you get two sticks. Finally, three wooden boards and two sticks must be placed on the work table to craft the pickaxe. If you want to make a stronger pickaxe, you just have to change the three wooden boards for three iron , diamond or gold ingots.

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