How to make a garden in Minecraft

A garden is one of the most useful things you can make in Minecraft, as is a mine . For starters, you can grow a wide variety of foods: pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, wheat, watermelons, and much more. You can use all of these foods to feed your character . Now, making a garden takes time. First you have to have the necessary tools, the seeds and work the land.

Your thing is to make a garden once you have built your house and have the most basic tools and everything you need to craft any type of object. As they say, don’t start at the top of the house . Once you have everything well organized, then yes, it is time to make a garden to have your own food.

How to make a garden in Minecraft

I’ll start by talking about the tools you need. To make a garden you need a bucket , a hoe and plenty of fences . Crafting fences is very easy, you only need wooden sticks and blocks of the same material. As for the cube, it requires three iron ingots. Finally, for the hoe you need two wooden sticks and two blocks of wood or another material that can be rock or gold or iron ingots.

Once you have these three things you can start with the garden. First of all you have to use the hoe to plow the ground . It is worth mentioning that if there is grass you cannot plow that block, first you have to remove the grass. Well, once you have plowed the land where you are going to cultivate, it is highly recommended to put fences around it to delimit the area.

Now that you have the land plowed and the fences in place, it is time to plant the seeds. Which seeds to plant is up to you. By the way, in the center of the garden you have to leave a block or several with water , hence a bucket is needed. The water from said block is used to water the garden. And this would be all. As you can see, it is not difficult to make a garden, as long as you have everything you need.

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