How to make a dispenser in Minecraft

Maybe you weren’t aware, but in Minecraft you can make automatic mechanisms that are very useful. For example, you can make an infinite water source , a harvesting machine , and also one for farming experience . They are somewhat difficult to craft, mostly because of the amount of materials needed. Now, there are also simpler objects that have a mechanism inside that is activated by a Redstone . Today we will see one of these objects, and it is none other than a dispenser.

A dispenser is used to store objects, but it is not the same as a chest . Unlike chests, the dispenser ejects the objects inside one by one when you activate the mechanism. Well, the best thing will be to cut to the chase and see how to craft a dispenser. You may have some of the materials you need in your inventory.

How to make a dispenser in Minecraft

The ingredients to craft a dispenser are as follows: rock x7, bow x1 and Redstone x1 .

Once you have all the necessary ingredients you just have to go to the work table . Once on the table you simply have to place each ingredient as in the image above. If you do it correctly you will get a dispenser. That’s it!

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