How to make a cube in Minecraft

Having a cube never hurts, we could say that it is essential. You never know when you’re going to need it . For example, if there is a fire it is very useful to put out the fire . Now, it is useful for many other things. It is necessary when farming, to create obsidian, and also to collect water and milk. So now you know, if you have been playing Minecraft for a short time, I recommend crafting a cube.

In this guide I am going to explain how to make a cube, we will also see where to get the necessary material. As a preview I will say that it does not take much work . By the way, you need a pickaxe and a workbench, although you can also get ingots in the smelting furnace. If you want to know how to make an oven you just have to take a look at the guide where we explain it.

How to make a cube in Minecraft

To craft a cube you only need three iron ingots . You can make iron ingots with an iron block, also with an iron ore or if you wish with nine nuggets. I leave this to your choice. You can get iron in caverns and underground, in the form of iron. To chop, the most recommended is a stone, gold or diamond pick. If you have an iron block you can go directly to the workbench and you will get nine iron ingots. If you have nuggets, you need nine to make one ingot.

If you decide to use iron ores you have to use the smelting furnace to make ingots. For each ore you get one iron ingot . That said, once you have three iron ingots you can go to the workbench. Next, you have to put the three iron ingots to craft a cube.

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