How to make a book in Minecraft

Crafting an item in Minecraft is not difficult, as long as you have the necessary materials. Rather, the difficulty is when it comes to finding these materials , sometimes it is difficult to find them. For example, making a book takes time. If you’ve only been playing Minecraft for a short time, you may not know what books are for. Well, they are a key piece when we talk about the enchantment table and bookcase manufacturing.

If you want to obtain a book, you do not need to gather the materials to later go to the construction table. You can get a few books by destroying a bookcase. By destroying a bookstore by causing an explosion you get 3 books. That said, below you will see how to make a book step by step. In addition, we will explain how to obtain all the materials for its manufacture .

How to make a book in Minecraft

When you start playing Minecraft you have many other priorities before making a book. Now, when the time comes, when you already have your house and the enchantments table, you will have to make a few books no matter what . In early versions of Minecraft, books were simply decorative objects. Since version 1.3.1 they have been useful.

I mentioned before that you can get a few books by causing an explosion in a bookstore. Well, it’s worth mentioning that you also have other options . If you are patient you can find a book in some chests and in the towns . Returning to the topic of its usefulness. If you have a pen you can write on them. However, they are usually used to store an enchantment.

Necessary materials and crafting

To make a book three sheets of paper and a piece of leather . Well, first of all, get three sugar canes. To do this, look in the blocks of dirt, grass and sand that are near areas where there is water. Once you have the sugar canes you have to go to the construction table to make three sheets of paper.

Getting the leather takes a little longer. It’s time to go cow hunting. When you hunt a cow you receive 2 pieces of leather . You can also get leather by hunting horses, although it is not recommended since these animals are in very specific places that usually fall far away.

Once you have the three sheets of paper and the piece of leather you have to go to the construction table and combine everything to make a book . Finally, say that if you want to enchant the book you will have to build an enchantment table .

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