How to get the Death Slash in Blade Ball

Need help advancing your Blade Ball career? Death Slash is your golden ticket! But how do you get this new ability? This is a great question! This last skill has players tearing their hair out due to its incredible power.

That being said, it’s no surprise that you might want to unlock one of the best abilities in the game. And, fortunately, we know exactly how to do it! Find out how to get Death Slash in Blade Ball during the Winter Event right here!

How to Unlock Death Slash in Blade Ball

You need to be very lucky to get the Death Slash ability in Blade Ball. In short, there are two stages to unlock it: In the first stage, you need to hit the Basic Draw box on the Winter Spinning Wheel . However, the chance of you getting it is only 3%.

The next step is to enter the Epic Lottery , where you will receive one of four possible items: Ice Dagger (42% chance), Ice Scythe (19% chance), Emotion (35% chance), or Titan Blade (5% chance). ).

You will need to collect the following three items to unlock the Deathblow ability in Blade Ball:

Ice Dagger

Ice Spit

Titan Blade

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If it’s not already obvious, the chances of getting a Deathblow in Blade Ball are super-duper low . This is because you will need a lot of winter spins to get the items you need. So you’ll have to spend a ton of Robux to have a good chance of unlocking the skill.

Each spin costs 400 snowflakes , or you can pay 99 Robux for 1 round of Winter Spins (or 799 Robux for 10 rounds). At the time of writing this guide, someone has spent over 70,000 Robux (that’s over £1,000) trying to get the Death Slash ability in Blade Ball and STILL hasn’t earned one.

This fact should be a testament to how difficult this skill is to unlock – so you might want to think twice before opening your wallet. Here’s how to get the Death Slash ability in Blade Ball. We wish you good luck, you will definitely need it!

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