How to get gold in Warcraft Rumble

Guide where we teach you how to get gold in Warcraft Rumble.

In Warcraft Rumble , gold is essential, as it is the currency used to acquire and unlock new miniatures. You can buy regular units for 90 gold, leaders for 120 gold, talents for 250 gold, and tomes to upgrade your minis. Gold is essential for purchasing new combat units and raising their rarity. This is key to advancing both in the campaign and playing against other players. Therefore, accumulating a good amount of gold becomes a very important objective.

How to get gold in Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble has several ways to accumulate gold, each with its own level of efficiency. However, it is important to note that some of these systems require unlocking before they can be used. Below, we show you all the available ways to obtain gold in the game, along with an estimate of the profits you can expect from each one.

Arclight Waves

Arclight Waves represent empowered areas that periodically appear on the Warcraft Rumble map. These areas are easily identified by a blue icon. By completing an arclight wave, you will receive a significant amount of gold, approximately 40 for each zone completed. However, to access and participate in these waves, you first need to collect 22 red seals.

Heroic campaign

The Heroic Campaign is an advanced level of gameplay that is unlocked after completing two prerequisites. First, you must finish the normal campaign. Second, it is necessary to accumulate 50 red stamps. Once unlocked, this campaign offers substantial rewards: approximately 200 gold for each level completed. However, the challenge is greater than it seems. To progress, you need to complete each level with each of the five factions available in the game, which adds a layer of complexity and strategy.

Account or collection level

Increasing your account level, also known as collection level, rewards you with gold. Every time you move up a level in your account, you will receive approximately 50 gold. To achieve this, you must focus on improving the rarity of your minis or unlocking new ones. This game mechanic adds an extra incentive to continually expand and improve your in-game collection.

PvP Ranks

Rising through the ranks in Warcraft Rumble through matches against other players can result in considerable gold accumulation. However, this path is not easy. You will face a wide range of opponents, varying in skill and strategy.


There are other ways to accumulate gold in the game. One of them is to take advantage of the daily offers and the free option, where you can get between 50 and 100 gold occasionally. Finally, although the game offers the possibility of purchasing gold with real money through its store, it is important to mention that we do not encourage this option.

The in-game store also offers a special item called “Arclight Booster.” By purchasing it with real money, you not only receive immediate gold, but it also increases the amount of coins you earn by playing while the booster is active by 50%. This package also includes other rewards. However, it is important to remember that Warcraft Rumble is a free game and can be fully enjoyed without any costs.

Warcraft Rumble is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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