How to fix Warcraft Rumble crashing when making a purchase

If you want to get extra coins, experience, or an Arclight booster, there are packages in the store that will speed up the process. However, due to an unexplained glitch, many are losing their goodies immediately after completing their payment. In our guide, we’ll show you how to deal with Warcraft Rumble crashing when making a purchase and how to return items from the pack.

What causes crashes in Warcraft Rumble?

Whether it’s general bugs or slow loading screens, Warcraft Rumble has had its fair share of problems. So far I’ve had glitches in PvP, completing quests in the campaign and, unfortunately, when purchasing one of the special offers in the store.

While it’s unclear what exactly is causing these crashes, they’ve affected enough players that it’s likely due to a lack of optimization rather than an issue with your device. Until a patch comes out from Blizzard, we’ll have to sit back and hope the game stays stable, especially when we’re spending money.

How to get your kit back after Warcraft Rumble crashes

In my case, Warcraft Rumble crashed when purchasing the Savory Starter Pack, so I lost Coins, Tomes, Upgrade Cores, and Arc Energy. The payment went through but no items were applied to my account.

Luckily I was able to get them back. <strong>If you purchased any of the limited-time packages, coin top-ups, or special offers, but lost them due to a glitch, you can also restore them. Here are the steps that worked for me.

  • Quit the game: First, you need to exit Warcraft Rumble completely and allow the application to restart. When you return, you will notice that you have more coins in the top right corner of the screen. That is, if they are included in your purchase. It took me three restarts before the coins, cores and arc energy were applied.
  • Select a volume: If your purchase included volumes, you’ll need to force enable the Warcraft Rumble Level Up Popup . To do this, I used coins to purchase a volume from the Daily Deals section. This walked me through the normal process of applying XP to the Minis, but then the rest of the XP in the package was activated.

Submit a ticket to Blizzard support

If the steps above do not help you, you will need to contact Blizzard Support to resolve the issue. This can be done through the application by selecting a portrait of your character. Then go to the “Settings” tab, where you will find the “Help & Support” section.

You can also submit a ticket from the official support site .. Even though my items were returned to me, I still submitted a report. This bug is one of the most annoying in this relatively enjoyable game, so fingers crossed that Blizzard fixes it soon.

This describes how to return your purchase after Warcraft Rumble crashes . While you can’t fix the crash itself, a few restarts can help. Help you return what you bought. If all else fails, your best option would be to contact support. For more information on the game, such as how to use the red button and the best decks , check out our dedicated guide hub .

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