How to fix error 0x800713AB in Microsoft Store?

When you launch a Microsoft Store app (Windows Store), you may receive error code 0x800713AB. The error also comes with the following message:

This requires an Internet connection. It looks like you are not connected to the Internet. Check your connection and try again.

The store app can’t connect to Microsoft servers. There may be several reasons for this:

  • incorrect network connection settings;
  • problems with the store servers;
  • Corruption of store application files.

Solution to error 0x800713AB

Error 0x800713AB can be resolved in four ways. It is better to do it in the order given below.

Method No. 1 Checking the network connection

The official Microsoft Store application requires stable Internet access to operate. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is working properly, reboot it, try resetting the network connection settings on your computer. The latter can be done through Windows system settings:

  1. Press WIN+I to open the “Options” window.
  2. Go to the sections “Network and Internet” → “Advanced network settings” → “Reset network”.
  3. Click on the “Reset Now” button and click “Yes” to confirm your intentions.

Your computer will restart – this is normal, your PC is fine.

Method No. 2 Adjusting the settings of the Microsoft Store installation service

The Microsoft Store will not work properly if its installation service is not configured correctly. You can adjust these settings in the “Services” window.

  1. Press the combination WIN+S to open the Windows search bar.
  2. Enter the request “Services” and select the result found.
  3. Double-click on “Microsoft Store Installation Service”.
  4. In the launch type drop-down menu, select “Automatic” (that option!) and save the changes.
  5. Restart your PC.

After logging into the OS, launch the store application and check for error 0x800713AB.

Method #3 Reset the Microsoft Store application

Some Microsoft Store files may have become corrupted. Cache files accumulated by the application to speed up its operation could also be damaged. Resetting the app is a potential solution.

  • Press WIN+R to open the “Run” window.
  • Write “wsreset.exe” (without quotes) on an empty line and press ENTER.
  • Wait for the store app to open – this means the reset is complete.

A reset is enough to solve most magazine problems, but sometimes a complete reinstallation is required.

Method No. 4 Complete reinstallation of Microsoft Store

If there are no network connection issues and Microsoft servers are operating normally, reinstalling the Microsoft Store app is a potential solution. You can perform the reinstallation with just one command in the PowerShell utility.

  1. Press WIN+S to bring up the search bar.
  2. Enter the query “PowerShell” and click on “Run as administrator” next to the result found.
  3. Enter the command “Get-AppXPackage *WindowsStore* -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}” (without quotes) and press ENTER.
  4. After executing the command, restart your PC.

A complete reinstallation of the Microsoft Store app will almost certainly help get rid of error 0x800713AB.

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