How to find phone number from sim serial number

How to find phone number from sim serial number


Some people do not know their phone number because it is not easy for them and wants to find it but do not know the procedure and ways. If you are one of those who want to know how to find phone number from sim serial number ” then you are at the right place. Read this article to know all about it.

How to find phone number from sim serial number
How to find phone number from sim serial number

Find the Phone Number from SIM serial number in the Android

If you want to find the phone number in Android then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Locate the setting app’s icon and open the setting in your Android
  • When you open the “Setting,” you will get many options
  • Select “About Phone” and open it
  • After that go to the “Status” option and you will get further more options
  • After that open “SIM status” and avail of the option “My Phone Number”
  • By following the above steps, you will get your phone number. Remember it for the future or note it in the diary.

Find the Phone Number on iPhone

If you want to know your number by iPhone, they check your contact list. Your phone number is located at the top of your contact list. You can also find your phone number on your iPhone then you can also found from the setting. Follow the steps below to find your phone number from the setting:

  • Go to the setting on iPhone
  • Then hit the option “Phone”
  • After that, open the option “My Number”
  • When you open the option “My Number” then you will get your own number
  • You can find out the mobile number of any SIM card using the above method.

Other Ways to Find Your Mobile Number from Your SIM

If you want to know another way than the ways mentioned above then you may follow the given ways:

Insert a Special Code

It is one of the easiest and free-of-cost methods to know your mobile phone. Every network in the UK provides a special code that you can use to know your number by calling and messaging it. the codes are mentioned below:

  • Vodafone – dial *#100#
  • EE – text NUMBER to 150
  • 02 – Text NUMBER to 2020

Call a Friend

One more easy way to find your mobile phone number is to call your friend and relatives are asking them to send your number.

Check SIM card packing

You can also find your number in the packing of your SIM card. If you have your SIM card packing then check it to find your mobile number.

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