How to disable and remove Copilot from the Windows 11 taskbar

Microsoft in Windows 11 stable version 23H2 released Copilot , which is an AI assistant based on the ChatGPT neural network integrated into Bing. Copilot is now integrated into Windows 11 in the taskbar to solve and help users with various tasks.

Some users may not need Copilot in Windows 11, which can take up PC resources and load the CPU, Memory, Disk, Video Card, and are looking for a way to disable it.

In this instruction, we will look at how to disable Copilot in Windows 11 and remove it from the taskbar through system settings and the registry.

How to disable Copilot in Windows 11

1 . To disable Copilot through Windows 11 system settings:

  • Go to SettingsPersonalization > Taskbar
  • In the Taskbar Items column , disable Copilot

2 . If you need to disable Copilot in Windows 11 Home, Pro and higher editions through the registry, follow these steps:

  • Press Win+Rand type regedit
  • Follow the path below


  • Right click on the Windows folder
  • Select NewSection
  • Name the new partition WindowsCopilot
  • Right click on WindowsCopilot
  • Select NewDWORD Value (32 Bit)
  • Name the new parameter TurnOffWindowsCopilot
  • Double click TurnOffWindowsCopilot
  • Set to 1
  • Restart your PC

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