How to create terracotta in Minecraft

Minecraft is such a broad game in every sense that we could spend hours and hours playing it. If your thing is to create constructions of all kinds, you just have to let your imagination fly and have the necessary materials to carry out your project. For example, if you want to create a house that is practically indestructible you need terracotta blocks.

If you are new to Minecraft you may have never heard of terracotta. Well, just like stone blocks, it is very resistant . Of course, in the event of an explosion the terracotta block will be destroyed. However, anything within one meter will not be damaged.

How to create terracotta in Minecraft

To create terracotta you need clay. You can find clay in swamps, shallow waters, and rivers . Once you have a large number of clay blocks in your inventory, it is time to go to the oven. In the oven you have to place the clay blocks and some charcoal to obtain terracotta.

Once you have terracotta you can color the blocks so that they have a unique and differentiating design. To color the terracotta blocks you need a crafting table and a dye unit . If you have everything you need, you just have to put 8 terracotta blocks on the crafting table next to the dye. That’s it! As you can, it is very easy to create terracotta and personalize it.

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