How to Create a VHD, VHDX and Dev Drive in Windows 11

In Windows 11 from version 23H2, it became possible to create and connect VHD and VHDX virtual hard disks of a fixed or dynamic size without third-party programs. You can also create a Dev Drive for your development workloads using Resilient File System (ReFS) technology.

Creating a VHD and VHDX virtual disk in Windows 11

1 . To create a virtual VHD, VHDX or Dev Drive in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  • Open SettingsSystem > Storage
  • Click on Advanced storage options
  • Next, click on Disks and Volumes
  • Click on Create VHD

If you need to create a Dev Drive , then click Create Development Drive below .

2 . Next, the VHD or VHDX disk format setting and the type of fixed or dynamic disk size will appear. You can also set the size and location. I recommend the following settings:

  • Choose VHDXformat as it supports up to 64 TB
  • Select format type Dynamic, since the disk size will automatically expand as it fills
  • Select after clicking Create, in the next window GPT (GUID Partition Table)
  • Select NTFS, FAT32 or REFS file system

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