How to control RGB lighting in Windows 11 without programs

Windows 11 23H2 update introduces Dynamic Lighting to control RGB peripherals.

Dynamic Lighting – This is a feature for controlling the RGB backlighting of keyboards, mice and other devices that implement the HID LampArray standard , so as not to install special software. Moreover, this feature is compatible with laptops like MSI CreatorPro Z16, Z17 which have RGB settings. In other words, to control large functions of the keyboard or mouse backlight, you need to install a special program from the manufacturer. Microsoft has made this Dynamic Lighting devices feature in Windows 11 23H2 by default in the system settings to avoid installing various special programs for RGB backlight control.

How to enable dynamic lighting in Windows 11

  1. Go to SettingsPersonalization > Dynamic Lighting
  2. Next, settings will be available to control the RGB lighting of peripheral devices

❗The list of RGB peripherals for dynamic lighting control will expand over time.

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