Horses in Minecraft: how to raise and tame them

Among the many animals in Minecraft are horses. Although they are initially wild animals, it is possible to make them docile. This means that if you find a horse you can tame it to later use it as a means of transportation . Additionally, if you wish you can also breed them. It is not a very difficult task and it can even be fun. Now, breaking a horse requires some patience.

If you want to travel the world much faster you just have to get a horse. Don’t you know where there are herds of wild horses? Don’t worry, below I will explain how to tame and raise them, so you can have as many as you want . In just a few minutes you’ll be riding one, galloping off in search of adventure!

How to tame them

Before going on to explain how to tame a horse, say that in the towns you can find specimens that are already domesticated. Now, if you prefer to tame one, there are herds of wild horses in the meadows and plains . You just have to go to one of these areas and choose the horse you like the most.

To break a horse you have to get close to it. Very important, do not carry anything in your hands. Next, you walk over and try to ride it . You will have to try this a few times and on more than one occasion he may get angry and hit you, taking some of your life away. However, at the end some hearts will appear , this means that you have just tamed it. If you try to assemble it again you will see that you will not have any problems.

How to raise them

If you decide to raise horses, the first thing of all is to build a stable. In turn, a smaller one must be built in said stable . Now you have to choose which horses you want to breed and put them in the small stable.

Finally, you simply have to give golden apples and carrots to these two horses. When the time comes they will have foals . Normally you have to wait a few minutes. The probability that the foals will be similar to their parents does not reach 50%.

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