Guide to completing the Halloween 2023 event in Phasmophobia

Guide to completing the Halloween 2023 event in Phasmophobia. All pumpkins and ingredients.

Phasmophobia has kicked off an exciting special event in celebration of Halloween 2023, filled with challenges that, when completed, will reward you with exclusive prizes, including a unique trophy and a personalized ID card. Available for two weeks, this guide will provide you with all the detailed steps to complete each phase of the event and not miss out on any of the rewards.

All the pumpkins from the Halloween 2023 event in Phasmophobia

The first step of Phasmophobia’s Halloween event this year is to locate several pumpkins spread across different maps in the game. It won’t be difficult for you to find them, since they shine from within. We recommend turning off your flashlight from time to time so that the light becomes more noticeable. Below, we detail which maps and at which specific points you can find them. Additionally, each pumpkin will provide you with a card that will contain a phrase and a drawing.

  • Tanglewood Drive : In the dining room next to the kitchen. Card: Bowl of smiles x1. (Drawing: Teeth).
  • Edgefield Road : Behind a chest of drawers in one of the upstairs rooms. Card: Death Rot x3. (Drawing: apples).
  • Ridgeview Court : In the basement. Card: Frog Finger x1. (Drawing: Stuffed frog)
  • Grafton Farmhouse : In the back garden among all the pumpkins. Card: Bag of beans x3. (Drawing: Bag of beans).
  • Willow Street : On the entrance street. Card: Light in the dark x1. (Drawing: Flashlight).
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse : In the Attic next to some boxes. Card: Jar of the Mind. (Drawing: Brain in a jar).
  • Prison : In the Control Room before reaching the Cafeteria. Card: Vociferous Skull x1. (Drawing: Skull).
  • Camp Woodwind : In some bushes at the entrance to the camp. Card: Bear’s Eye x2. (Drawing: Eye).
  • Maple Lodge Campsite: Next to the cauldron. Card: Flower of love. (Drawing: Flower).

Location of all ingredients in Maple Lodge Campsite from the Halloween 2023 event in Phasmophobia

Now that you’ve collected all the cards, your next step is to head to the Maple Lodge Campsite map. There, you must look for the objects that were represented in the drawings on the cards. Below, we offer you a list detailing what these objects are and where you can find them.

  • Stuffed frog : On top of the reception computer.
  • Brain in a Jar : Small reception table.
  • Teeth : Dish with teeth on the kitchen table at home.
  • Apples : In a broken storage box. You can pick three green rotten apples from the ground.
  • Skull . Near the tents on a cut log.
  • Beans : These are blue and orange toy bags, identical to the ones found at the top of the hall. These are located on a table inside the toy tent, right next to the cauldron.
  • Flashlight : Your own flashlight.
  • Eyes : In the camp bathroom sink.
  • Flower: In the hand of one of the skeletons in front of the lake.

Next, throw all the ingredients into the cauldron in any order and watch the ghosts fly out from within. The sky will turn a deep red, and you will be able to see a huge skull projected overhead. By completing the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 event, you will receive as rewards a trophy consisting of a cauldron with a bloody skull on top and a commemorative plaque decorated with a pumpkin.

In cooperative mode, it will probably be necessary for all players to share cards with each other during the same game. Otherwise, you may not register for everyone, having to repeat the process.

Phasmophobia is available on PC.

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