Can you upload a story to Instagram?

Have you ever noticed the disappearance of the story that you wanted to view again? If so, perhaps the idea of ​​downloading an Instagram story to view it again at your leisure has already crossed your mind.

Instagram is a complex tool with some very useful features, once you get the hang of them. Downloading Instagram stories is no exception to this hypothesis. You are not an expert on the platform? We invite you to discover to what extent it is possible to upload a story to Instagram.

Download an Instagram story from an Android device

When you log in to your Instagram page and open your not-yet-published story, there will be a download icon at the top of the screen. On Android, it looks like a downward-facing arrow with a small horizontal line below it. Once done, your story will be saved on your phone. In case your photo or video has already been broadcast, you can save it to your phone using the save option available at the bottom right of your screen. While this approach is possible when it comes to your own stories, this is not the case for those of others. In these cases, you should opt for screenshot or video capture instead.

Download an Instagram story from an iPhone

There are several ways to record an Instagram story with an iPhone . First, if you still haven’t published it, at the top of your screen you have the option to tap the download icon. The photo or video will then join your gallery of saved stories. If this has already been published in a story, you will need to direct your fingers towards the bottom of the screen. Indeed, once the story is open, precisely at the bottom right of the screen, press save photo or video. As in the previous case, this maneuver cannot be done on the publication of a third person.

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