All Monkey Hand Wishes in Phasmophobia

Guide where we show you all the wishes you can make to the monkey hand in Phasmophobia.

In Phasmophobia, players can find a cursed item known as the Monkey Hand. This peculiar object has the power to fulfill between three and five player wishes, varying depending on the difficulty level selected, with the exception of Dementia mode. Despite its relatively rare appearance, the monkey hand has become a very popular and highly sought after addition to the game’s cursed possessions.

In this guide, we will teach you the different wishes that you can ask the monkey hand and you will know about their respective consequences. Essential for those who interact with this special item, allowing you to take full advantage of its potential in-game.

Guide with all the wishes that can be made to the monkey hand in Phasmophobia

Below you have detailed the ten wishes that can be made to the monkey hand in Phasmophobia.

I wish to see the ghost

Granting this wish will initiate a brief appearance of the ghost lasting about 4 or 5 seconds. After this manifestation, the ghost will close all escape routes and begin a dangerous hunt, during which the player’s screen will darken, raising the possibility of a fatal encounter with him. Although this situation represents a perfect opportunity to capture a photograph of the ghost, necessary to complete the contract, it is advisable to do so only at the end of the game and having previously identified a safe place to hide, given the dangerous nature of this contract.

I wish to catch the ghost

This wish immediately teleports the ghost to its spawn room, preventing it from moving, hunting, or using its abilities for a full minute. Simultaneously, the wish seals all doors in the player’s vicinity, blocking all access for a full minute. After that period ends, the ghost will begin a cursed hunt.

I want activity

The desire causes the destruction of the fuse box, thus eliminating all sources of illumination. In addition, it also doubles the ghost’s activity and, for two minutes, prevents any possibility of exit by blocking the door.

I wish to be safe

This type of wish has the effect of removing protection from the nearest hiding place. At the same time, break the lights in the room you are in. Additionally, it intensifies the ghost’s capabilities, allowing it to detect electronic devices owned by the player for the entire duration of the contract.

I wish for sanity

This wish will adjust the sanity of all players in the game to 50%. For example, if a player has 95% sanity and activates this wish, their sanity will be reduced to the indicated 50%. Additionally, this wish permanently increases the drain rate by 1.5x, and adds an element of uncertainty by allowing the location of the ghost’s room to change randomly.

I wish to leave

This wish allows the exit door to be unlocked, making it accessible even during hunts. However, upon activating it, the player will remain motionless and their vision will be compromised for five seconds.

I want to change the weather

The desire to change the weather significantly affects the environment in Phasmophobia, altering it to conditions such as rain, clear sky, fog, sun, wind, or snow. When activated, the player’s vision darkens during the weather transition. In addition, it has a consequence on the player’s mental stability, causing a 25% decrease in their sanity level.

I wish to revive my friend

This wish has the power to resurrect a deceased player, selecting them randomly. However, it carries a significant risk: there is a 50% chance that the person who activated it will suffer a fatal fate in return. Therefore, the use of this wish involves a delicate balance between the benefit of reviving a companion and the potential danger to one’s own life.

I want to know more

Wish allows incorrect evidence to be removed from the evidence journal, but triggers a cursed hunt as a consequence. During this hunt, the player will experience a significant decrease in audio quality, perceiving muffled sounds, and will experience reduced vision. These adverse conditions will persist until the contract ends or until the player loses his life in the game.

I wish for anything

This wish acts as a wild card, randomly granting one of the previously mentioned wishes. By activating it, you have no control over which of the above wishes will be granted, introducing an element of uncertainty and surprise into the game. Due to its unpredictable nature, it could drastically change the course of the game, for better or worse.

In conclusion, these desires, with their advantages and dangers, enrich the dynamics of Phasmophobia, making each game a unique experience. They invite players to make critical decisions, manage expectations, and prepare to face unexpected consequences, reflecting the often unpredictable nature of strategy and survival.

Phasmophobia is available on PC.

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